Racquet Review: Solinco Protocol 300

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | February 24, 2013

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MSRP: $180
Head Size: 100 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
Weight: 11.1 oz.
Balance: 5 pts. HL
Beam Width: 23.5-26mm
String Pattern: 16x19
Construction: Stiff
Swingweight: 310
Ideal Swing: Medium to Long
NTRP: 3.5+

*NOTE: Values represent strung frames.

The Pitch
Now racquet of choice for Donald Young, the Solinco Protocol 300, like the company’s Tour and Pro series, is made with Nickel-Mesh, individually nickel-anodized, high-performance carbon fibers that are woven together into a solid and powerful mesh. The California-based Solinco claims that this material, wrapped around several key portions of the frame, enhances the Protocol’s strength and stability, neutralizing torque on impact for greater power and control.

How It Tested
The Protocol 300 is a quality variation of the ever-popular grinder’s stick. Like so many others, it, too, has medium weight, an open string pattern and a thicker, stiffer beam—making it conducive for generating racquet-head speed and powerful groundstrokes. Intermediate-to-advanced playtesters loved the racquet’s feel, describing the stick as powerful, well balanced and very comfortable. “It’s a very explosive racquet from the baseline without having too much of a trampoline-type feel to it,” said one 4.0 playtester. If there was one knock on the Protocol, it was its feel at net: While playtesters were satisfied with the racquet’s maneuverability, many said executing nimble volleys presented difficulties.

Bottom Line
A smooth, maneuverable and powerful stick for baseliners, particularly players with Western and semi-Western groundstrokes.

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