Racquet Review: Wilson Blade 93

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | February 24, 2013

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MSRP: $230
Head Size: 93 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
Weight: 12 oz.
Balance: 7 pts. HL
Beam Width: 20.2mm
String Pattern: 18x20
Construction: Stiff
Swingweight: 328
Ideal Swing: Long
NTRP: 4.5+

The Pitch
The Wilson Blade 93 is engineered with basalt fibers, proprietary material made from natural volcanic rock that is woven into the frame to resist vibration. On off-center hits, Wilson claims, basalt filters out unwanted, jarring frequencies, delivering cleaner feedback for better feel. What’s more, the Blade 93 now includes Amplifeel, a handle system that integrates graphite and basalt inserts for additional stability and feel.

How It Tested
The Blade 93 is the racquet equivalent of a scalpel, providing exacting precision in the hands of serious all-court players with long, fluid swings. Indeed, only the most advanced playtesters were able to find their rhythm with the 93; but for those skilled few, the racquet offered a clean, control-oriented response. “It was comfortable and smooth,” said a 5.0 playtester. Other players commented that the Blade was stiff and heavy enough to withstand bullets everywhere on the court, and plowed through slices and volleys beautifully. Note, though, that the 18x20 string pattern, coupled with a midsized head, line the strings up like matchsticks. As such, the 93 should appeal more to players who win with penetrating drives rather than bounding spin.

Bottom Line
For all-courters and net specialists who employ expert technique to generate their own power.

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