Product Profile: Lock Laces

by: Justin diFeliciantonio April 11, 2013

Lock Laces

MSRP: $7.99, pair; $19.99, three pairs


Made from the same elastic material as bungee cords, Lock Laces are water-resistant, long-lasting shoelaces designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit beyond that offered by typical cotton or nylon laces. The company claims that, due to its spring-loaded, easy-to-adjust drawstring construction, Lock Laces do not come loose during competition, training, and/or everyday wear, reducing the chances of lace-induced spills. Lock Laces also provide sustained compression across the foot, increasing oxygen flow and athletic endurance, according to the company. Of use to runners as well as tennis players, the laces come in 13 different colors, from black and brown to cool gray, hot pink, and orange creamsicle. Each retails for $7.99 per pair.

Lock Laces, for all intents and purposes, look to be comfortable and convenient on and off the court, blending the easy appeal of slip-on shoes with the additional security of conventional laces. They’re also easy to install: Thread them through your shoes, pull through a cord lock, adjust with scissors and snap a clip on the end, and voila—you’ll never have to tie that pair of shoes again. What’s more, the wide spectrum of 13 colors makes it easy and fun to complement the colors of your shoe collection. While great for high-performance athletics, L.L.s are also a good fit for kids, seniors, and individuals with limited dexterity and/or special needs.

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