French Twist

by: Jon Levey May 07, 2013

Tags: The Pro Shop


2013 marks the third consecutive year that Babolat will be the official supplier of racquets, balls, and strings for the French Open. From this partnership has grown a line of Babolat gear with Roland Garros-inspired color schemes for the Francophiles among us. The company’s most celebrated frame, the Pure Drive (pictured, $199), is available in a special French Open edition, accented with the colors of the host nation’s flag as well as the official Roland Garros logo. Even the grip looks like it has been dipped in terre battue.

The Pure Drive is the frame you’ll see in the hands of 2011 champion Li Na, 2012 runner-up Sara Errani, and hometown favorite Julien Bennetteau. The Pure Drive Lite ($195) and the Pure Drive JR26 ($104) are also available in French Open treatment.

If you purchase such a stick, you’re going to need to find it a proper home. Babolat has three options in its Team French Open bag line, each with red clay-colored accents that match the frames. The big boy of the trio, dubbed The Racquet Holder (pictured, $85), holds up to 12 frames and comes with all the bells and whistles a player could want in a bag. For those who don’t need as much storage, there is also a six-frame bag ($65) available, as well as a backpack ($60) which can hold one or two racquets.

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