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Nike re-signs prodigal son Andre Agassi

Friday, May 17, 2013 /by

Mega-brand Nike has re-signed its wayward son, Andre Agassi, to a multi-year deal, the terms of which have not been disclosed. Agassi left the Portland, Ore.,-based company near the end of his professional playing days, following the object of his affection turned wife, Steffi Graf, to adidas.

Via, "Agassi's move to Nike coincides with its new Designed to Move campaign, which looks to end the growing epidemic of physical inactivity. The renewed partnership will focus on a shared passion for tennis, along with a commitment to help kids become more active and realize their full potential through sports. ... Agassi will team with Nike to advocate for change, leveraging the Designed to Move framework for action that Nike helped create with more than 70 expert organizations in the fields of physical education, health and the built environment (e.g., parks, green spaces and public transportation)."

Said Nike CEO Phil Knight in 1991, "We market the personalities as well as the products, and Andre Agassi is one of our better athletes and one of our better personalities."

Agassi was, of course, in perfectly tuned marketing-machine mode about the present re-merging: "The past was exciting, emotional and life-changing for all of us. The future, however, is a landscape filled with unlimited opportunity and a canvas anxiously waiting to be filled in. Designed to Move has opened new horizons. Coming back together with Nike through this partnership will have a multiplying effect on this and future generations."

Do you applaud AA's return to Nike?

Here's a look at the vintage Agassi–Nike days, with the clip also starring perennial rival Pete Sampras:

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