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Product Profile: K-Swiss Calabasas

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 /by

If tennis shoes can be equated to body armor, not every player wants theirs to be made of reinforced Kevlar. For one thing, all that protection, support, and stability can feel like an anchor around your foot. They also don’t come cheap. Oh sure, serious players and aggressive movers crave and need that type of security for their feet. But the casual player who enjoys a leisurely game and then wears those shoes off the court may opt for something less bulky and less expensive.

Enter the Calabasas from K-Swiss. The recently released men’s and women’s shoe is lightweight (men’s 9: 12 oz; women’s 7: 9.8 oz), breathable, and very affordable at just $60. And the simple, elegant colorways will definitely appeal to club players who prefer—or have to—wear predominantly white shoes. (Men's pictured above; women's below.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have an opportunity to review the Calabasas in our recent shoe guide—so we can't comment on the shoe's comfort or dependability—but we hope to test them out soon. In meantime, if you give them a try, please report back your findings. If you’re a player who doesn’t like their shoes to feel like pieces of equipment, these kicks might be a good fit.

Jon Levey is an editor-at-large for TENNIS. You can e-mail him here.


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