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Product Profile: Volkl Cyclone Tour Strings

Friday, May 03, 2013 /by

A quality string from Volkl? Can’t be. Racquets, sure, but not strings. Well, as it happens, the Cyclone has made believers of many skeptics. The first time I played with the black polyester-based string I thought it was just going to be an RPM Blast knockoff, but the Cyclone stands firmly on its own.

Like most polys, it’s a durable, control-oriented string that provides hefty amounts of spin for those players who can apply it. What separates the Cyclone, however, is that it’s extremely playable and user-friendly. It doesn’t have a harsh break-in period that accompanies many polys; in fact, it feels almost soft. Of course, that’s in relationship to other polys. Players with shorter, slower swings will probably still find the Cyclone too stiff and unforgiving. But those who already play with polyesters will definitely be impressed.

Now comes the Tour version, which I have yet to sample. It’s designed to have an even plusher feel and provide more spin thanks to a twisting pattern on the same gear shape of the original. The only downside appears to be, for the moment, that it’s only offered in red. Just like the original, the Cyclone Tour checks in at a very reasonable price point—MSRP: $8.99—making it a great bang-for-your-buck option when compared to some of the other premium polys.


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