Product Profile: Mega Tac

by: Jon Levey | October 01, 2013

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There’s an old saying: You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much M.P.H. on your serve. Maybe I added that last part for a tennis audience, but the adage still tests the theory that you can never have enough of a good thing. Unique Sports Products, the company that produces the equipment staple, Tourna Grip, believes the same thing holds true for a tacky overgrip.

Tourna Grip is a dry grip, and becomes more tacky as a player sweats. Unique still holds this overgrip up as the gold standard for use in hot conditions. For cooler temps, and for tacky grip lovers, they have recently created Mega Tac, which resides on the opposite end of the spectrum—it starts out tacky and stays that way. Almost permanently. The problem with many tacky grips is the stickiness can wear off rather quickly. Mega Tac feels like the Energizer Bunny of tacky grips. After playing several hours with it on my racquet, I didn’t notice much difference at all in the level of tackiness. According to the company, in their playtests the tack is lasting between 10-to-14 hours depending on conditions.

I don’t think that’s an exaggeration as it’s the tackiest grip I can remember trying. A promotional line on the packaging reads: "Grabs you back" and that's pretty much what it feels like. And for that reason it also took some getting used to. There were times when it felt as though the handle stuck in my palm as I transitioned between stroke grips. I imagine opinions on Mega Tac will be split, with very little fence-sitting: Those who don’t need so much tackiness will think it’s like playing with a glue stick; those who prefer tacky grips and have been disappointed with the staying power of other brands will be stocking their bags with it.

Mega Tac is now available in white, black, and the signature light blue color. It measures 103 cm long and 29 mm wide, which is slightly longer than Tourna Grip XL. The thickness averages .45 mm, which is the same as Tourna Grip.

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