Racquet Review: One Strings Turbine 275g

by: Jon Levey | May 05, 2014

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Price: $169
Head Size: 100 sq. in.
Length: 27.1 in.
Weight: 10.4 oz.
Balance: 3 pts. HL
Swingweight: 293
RA Rating: 64
Beam Width: 23 mm / 25.5 mm / 23 mm
String Pattern: 16x19
NTRP: 3.0-4.0

Back in February we got our first taste of One Strings, the Italian equipment manufacturer that only that month started selling frames in the States. That initial review was the Spin Deeper 315g, which has a slightly extended length and unique 14x19 string pattern. It’s a beefy, firm frame that offers plenty of power and spin for strong players capable of wielding it.

This time around is the Turbine 275g. It’s a trimmer, more maneuverable and flexible model, better-suited to younger players or those needing a sub 11 oz. frame. One of our racquet testers, Kin Roseborough, was able to get it in the hands of some of his students; and another, Mark Avedikian, tried it in both stock and customized form. Here are their takes on the Turbine 275g:

Kin Roseborough: The first time I took the One Strings Turbine 275 out on court was for a lesson with an 11 year-old girl. She has solid strokes, but still uses a 26-inch, 9-ounce racquet. I've been trying to graduate her into a 27 inch frame for a while.

Right off the bat she commented on the striking cosmetic of the Turbine 275—clean and brilliant white with a distinctive typeface and logo. She "had" to try it, so I let her use the One Strings frame for our lesson. The results were very positive: She loved the effortless swing speed and played extremely well. I think if I had the frame stocked in my pro shop I might have made a sale.

My next class was a group of 12–15 year-old girls. Their reaction to the frame was much the same. Later that day adult women and even 20-something guys commented on the Turbine 275's look. (I wondered if I would ever get to test it out for myself). But make no mistake, this is more than a pretty racquet.

The Turbine 275's light weight and excellent maneuverability pleads for a fast swing, which, in the hands of a clean ball-striker, yields impressive results. While this model doesn't have a string pattern as open as some of One Strings' other frames, it was still quite easy to get plenty of topspin or slice.

Even when you're really ripping the ball, the One Strings Turbine 275g has a crisp, forgiving feel—as long as you hit the ball cleanly. On mis-hits though, there was some vibration and the lack of mass in the frame was more noticeable. If I did not take a full, fast swing, my penetrating and spinny groundstrokes vanished, as did my depth control.

On my serve I was able to really take advantage of the light weight to create tremendous racquet-head speed, but there wasn’t quite enough mass for me to translate that into more winners on court. Still, I was more than effective, and the younger competitive juniors who hit with the Turbine 275g loved serving with it as much as they did spanking two-handed backhands.

At the net, the racquet was nimble and stable; the perfect tool for putting away volleys and overheads. Even on shots hit to me with a great deal of pace, the frame responded well as long as I made contact in the middle of the stringbed.

The Turbine 275g's playing characteristics may not make it the best frame for beginning players; if you don't make consistent contact with the sweet spot and swing fast—as is often the case with beginners—you'll experience a lack of torsional stability and a drop in power. However, if you’re a 3.5–4.0 adult player who prefers a light racquet, or a developing junior with good technique, but not strong enough to swing an 11.5+ oz frame at full speed, the One Strings Turbine 275g might be right in your sweetspot.

Mark Avedikian: I have been interested in One Strings ever since they sent me their SpinDeeper 315g frame to try, which I previously reviewed. The new Turbine frames come in 300 and 275 gram weights and has a 16x19 pattern compared to the 14x19 of the Spin Deeper. I was sent the 275g version as the light weight and the headlight balanced intrigued me as a frame for younger or smaller players, as well as a frame that can be customized with weight and added length. I tested the frame both stock and customized for this review.

Off the rack the Turbine 275 is extremely light and maneuverable. The quality of the frame is quite high, the grommets fit well and it’s very easy to string. Due to its weight and balance, I found the frame needs to be strung loose (40-52 lbs) to keep it from feeling too stiff. The flex is a respectable 64 RA, but it plays slightly firmer.

On the court the racquet performs well for its target market. It has a clean, crisp feel at contact, and accurate directional control. There’s a nice level of power that can be tamed by easy access to spin. The one conspicuous drawback is stability: While defending against consistent pace, I felt the frame was not as solid in the upper hoop as the Spin Deeper. This is partly due to the weight, but also due to the tighter string pattern. Big hitters should try the 300g version or add weight to the frame.

Speaking of which...now for the fun part! To see what it can do against college players and teaching professionals I customized the frame to increase the static and swingweights. First, I added a half inch to the frame by taking the grip, butt cap, and pallet system off, then replacing the pallet with an extra one that was sent to me by One Strings. You could also reuse the original pallet and add the length by sliding the pallet down 0.5 inches. Next, I wanted to maintain the headlight balance, so I added 0.6 oz. of epoxy putty inside the extra length of the handle to keep the swingweight down and secure the pallet to the frame. I then glued the butt cap back on and re-gripped.

With an overgrip, the racquet is now 11.2 oz., with a swingweight at 322, and ready to rock-and-roll against all comers. The extra length and swingweight really help get added leverage on all of my shots, creating a heavier, more penetrating ball. The racquet is also more stable against big hitters, and I seem to hit the sweet spot with greater frequency. The extra length also makes the frame feel more flexible.

As is the Turbine 275g is a worthwhile frame for juniors wanting good power and spin in a quick feeling frame. And for mad scientists out there like me, this frame definitely has room for growth with all kinds of customization possibilities.

To buy, demo, or learn more about this racquet, go to: 


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