String Review: One Strings Carbon Pro

by: Jon Levey | August 08, 2014

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Several months ago we got a chance to review our first racquet from One Strings. The Spin Deeper 315g from the upstart Italian manufacturer had a solid feel and a unique 14x19 string pattern that plays to the strengths of the modern power baseliner. That type of frame, with its deep ball-pocketing and heavy string movement, usually pairs best with a firm, control-oriented string that rewards aggressive swings.

It just so happens that, as the company’s name would indicate, One Strings puts out a host of different stringing options. Its Carbon line is comprised of multiple colors that have their own unique characteristics. They aren’t yet available for purchase in this country, but they will be soon. The fluorescent yellow Carbon Pro is on the firm side and is designed for free swingers who want more control than power from their strings. Essentially the type of player who could wield their Spin Deeper frames.

Kin Roseborough, head stringer and coach at the Family Circle Tennis Center—who also reviewed the One Strings Turbine 275g frame—took the Carbon Pro out to see what kind of pace, spin, and control he could produce with it. Here’s his assessment:

Kin Roseborough: The One Strings Carbon Pro has a crisp but quite comfortable feel. I found the yellow string to be about average in power for a full poly string bed—a little bit more pop and pocketing at the net than comparable strings, but less off the ground. And not surprisingly, it's definitely low-powered when compared to a multifilament synthetic or natural gut.

Starting out with a 52/50 lbs. tension combination, I had to work somewhat harder than usual to generate depth and pace from the baseline, especially when hitting against a high-level opponent. The topspin I was able to create was good, but not as much as I generate with some of the edged polys I have used. But while the spin and power were a little less than I'm accustomed to, I loved the control I had with this string. When it was fresh, I felt like I had pinpoint accuracy and was confident going for my targets.

After my third time playing with the string—a long groundstroke drilling session—my wrist was a bit sore; it's forgiving for a control string, but it still exacts a toll. Since the string had been in for five hours, I decided to check the tension and found that it had lost about 15 percent, which is not out of character for a polyester. At that point I chose to restring with the Carbon Pro in the mains and VS Team Natural in the crosses at 52 lbs. This set-up gave me easier access to power, without much drop-off in control. It was a highly playable pairing with outstanding comfort.

Overall, the One Strings Carbon Pro is a good choice for aggressive players with solid technique who can create their own power when needed. The added comfort compared to many other control-oriented polys, particularly when freshly strung, is an added bonus. And if you prefer a more forgiving string bed that offers a little extra pop, the Carbon Pro serves quite well as the main string of hybrid when complemented with a softer option in the crosses.

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