String Review: Wilson Revolve Spin

by: Tennis Warehouse | May 17, 2017

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Spin                                                               Too underpowered for beginners

Price: $9.95

Some tennis strings offer good all-around playability. They manage to get the job done, but they lack the "wow" factor. Think synthetic gut. On the other end of the spectrum there is Revolve Spin. According to our team, this five-sided co-polyester string has two "wow" factors: spin and control. Call it a niche string for big hitters who like ripping the felt off the ball and watching their shots land on a dime. Granted, Revolve Spin is quite firm and low powered, which means it is not likely to satisfy beginners or comfort seekers. However, this string's stiff construction was perfect for our two advanced players because it gave them the needed control to execute their most powerful strokes. Like all strings, Revolve Spin loses tension over time, but our team found it to hold its playability quite well despite this fact. Like most niche strings that specialize in just one or two areas, Revolve Spin is not for everyone. However, this shaped co-poly is perfect for big swinging players looking to attack the ball and paint the lines.

Power: 44  Spin: 92 Comfort: 73
Control: 93 Feel: 78 Playability Duration: 76
Durability: 90 Overall: 89  

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