String Review: Signum Pro Yellow Jacket

by: Tennis Warehouse | August 12, 2018

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                          Nothing we could agree on

Price: $9

Signum Pro is no stranger to polyester strings. It's part of a handful of European string brands that got in on the ground floor of professional tennis' polyester revolution. Over the years, the company from Deggingen, Germany, has produced a number of impressive co-polys, including Poly Plasma, its flagship string. For 2018, Signum Pro may have outdone itself with the introduction of Yellow Jacket, a six-sided co-polyester with above average comfort and playability. On court, the first thing our playtesters noticed about Yellow Jacket was spin — and lots of it. Put simply, it rewarded their biggest swings with heavy balls that came down sharply and accurately. In addition to its exceptional scores for spin, control and durability, Yellow Jacket also received an impressive score for feel. Unlike more traditional polys, this string didn't punish slower strokes and off-center hits with an overly dead or stiff response. Although we couldn't agree on any downsides, Yellow Jacket definitely loses some tension over time (like the majority of co-polys we've tested). As a result, many players will have to cut it out before it snaps. Ultimately, for the player who wants a spin-friendly co-poly with great feel, Yellow Jacket is worth a serious look. The fact that you can pick up a set for under $10 makes it awfully hard to resist.


Power: 56 Spin: 87 Comfort: 64
Control: 90 Feel: 86 Playability Duration: 72
Durability: 89    


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