Racquet Preview: Dunlop CX Series

by: Jon Levey | September 28, 2018

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Building on its impressive debut partnership with Srixon, Dunlop is set to release six new models in its CX premium racquet series. The 2.0 tag to the line, is getting expanded to 200, recalling Dunlop's heritage. But there’s more than just a name and graphics change. From a technology standpoint, the first is the addition of Infinergy, a very light and highly elastic material, to widen the power and dampening qualities of the Sonic Core already in the line. The increased comfort and lower vibrations allow players to hit harder, cleaner shots.

Another alteration is a redesigned string configuration. The Power Grid String Tech produces a pattern that’s dense in the middle of the racquet, and wider at the top. The new arrangement is intended to offer more control when contacted in the center, and more power toward the tip, which is more often utilized in the modern game. The frame’s edge has also been thinned, making it easier to cut through the air for faster swing speed.

Aesthetically, the frames have taken on what they call the Flying D design. A black matte base contains red detailing which aligns with and highlights the Dunlop logo when stenciled on the strings. It looks sharp, and far less cluttered than the graphics of the previous generation.

The six-racquet lineup has a few new notable members. The CX 200 Tour (18x20), endorsed by Kevin Anderson, will also have a slightly lighter, more powerful, spin-friendly 16x19 option with the same head size. And the CX 200+ presents an extended version of the standard model for those who like the extra length and pop of a longer racquet.

Here are the unstrung specs of the full CX line:


Head Size

String Pattern Weight Balance Beam Width Stiffness Length
CX 200 Tour (18x20) 95 18x20 315g / 11.1 oz. 310 mm 20.5 mm 64 27"
CX 200 Tour (16x19) 95 16x19 310g / 10.9 oz. 310 mm 20.5 mm 64 27"
CX 200 98 16x19 305g / 10.8 oz. 310 mm 21.5 mm 65 27"
CX 200+ 98 16x19 305g / 10.8 oz. 320 mm 21.5 mm 65 27.5"
CX 200 LS 98 16x19 290g / 10.2 oz. 325 mm 21.5 mm 65 27"
CX 400 100 16x19 285g / 10.1 oz. 330 mm 24 mm 72 27"


All the CX racquets will be $220, except for the CX 400 which will retail for $200. For more information, go to dunlopsports.com, and check back for reviews in the coming weeks.

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