String Review: Yonex Poly Tour Strike

by: Tennis Warehouse | September 18, 2018

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                          Too firm and underpowered for beginners
Tension maintenance                                                        

Price: $17

The Yonex Poly Tour line was launched in 2005 with the original Poly Tour string. The Poly Tour line has steadily evolved over the years, featuring polyester strings with a variety of shapes and technologies, all designed to complement the explosive and spin-laden strokes of the modern power game. For 2018, Yonex adds Poly Tour Strike to the family, a round monofilament used by Canadian phenom Denis Shapovalov. Like the majority of Yonex polys, Poly Tour Strike is stretched under controlled temperatures during production. It also features a high molecular weight to enhance durability. But how does it play? According to our playtesters, this string checked virtually every box that a good poly ought to check. Although it didn't break any scoring records, the control was spot on and the spin potential was slightly north of adequate. The biggest surprise of the playtest was Poly Tour Strike's impressive lifespan; this string lasted significantly longer than most of the polys our testers have tried. Although our playtesters couldn't agree on a downside, it should be noted that Poly Tour Strike is likely too stiff and underpowered for beginners. It also has a premium price tag, which will likely deter value hunters. However, for the player who wants a solid all-around poly with above-average tension maintenance, Poly Tour Strike is well worth the price of admission.


Power: 60 Spin: 75 Comfort: 69
Control: 89 Feel: 79 Playability Duration: 76
Durability: 90    


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