String Review: Tecnifibre Pro Red Code Wax

by: Tennis Warehouse | December 26, 2018

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                          Too firm for beginners
Playability duration

Price: $13

Pro Red Code Wax is a co-polyester monofilament tennis string from Tecnifibre, the French tennis brand behind iconic multifilament strings like NRG2. The defining ingredient of Pro Red Code Wax is a polyethylene additive, which is infused directly into the polyester matrix. This technology is designed to reduce the friction between the strings, resulting in greater snapback for spin, and less frictional wear for added durability. Judging by the comments and scores of our playtesters, the design works. Red Code Wax not only gave our team impressive spin for a round poly, but it also stayed fresh and playable longer than a typical co-poly. The highest score for this playtest was awarded for control. With its firm and low-powered response, this string enabled our playtesters to execute their most powerful strokes without fear of overhitting. The license to swing big also translated into higher levels of pace and spin. On the downside, Red Code Wax is likely too firm for beginners or players with racquets under 10 ounces. Ultimately, though, for the experienced player who wants control, spin and durability, Red Code Wax is a very solid choice. The fact that it lasts longer than the average poly is icing on the cake.


Power: 45 Spin: 83 Comfort: 50
Control: 90 Feel: 75 Playability Duration: 85
Durability: 88    


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