Retro Cool: Prince and Boast collaborate on limited edition racquet

by: Jon Levey | January 09, 2019

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Prince and Boast, two iconic tennis brands, were both started and came of age during the boom of the 1970s and 80s. The companies have joined together for a unique collaboration—the Prince x Boast Limited Edition R107 Graphite Tennis Racquet—which pays homage to that stylish period in the sport’s history. The classic frame was popularized by pros such as Andre Agassi, Michael Chang and Monica Seles, and was a staple at tennis clubs and camps. The R107 has the same specs as the original Prince Graphite 107—oversize head, 100% graphite layup, stabilizer bar, genuine leather grip—but with Boast’s red and white coloring and lines, and a vintage old-school, single head cover featuring the company names on the opposing sides. 

The racquet is currently available for sale on the Boast website. The $197.30 price tag is a nod to the founding years of Prince (1970) and Boast (1973). Grab it as a collectible, or to turn a few heads on the court.

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