Strokes of Jean-ius: Roger Federer stars in new Uniqlo Denim Campaign

by: Jon Levey | February 08, 2019

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Roger Federer may have more Grand Slam singles titles than any man in history, legions of adoring fans and homes in Switzerland and Dubai, but he still puts his pants on one leg at a time. (Although no one would be too surprised if he somehow levitates above them and drops in both legs at once). And when he’s not jetting around the world seeking fame and fortune, like any regular fella he likes to spend his downtime in a comfortable pair of jeans. 

In his first global campaign for Uniqlo since becoming a brand ambassador in July 2018, Federer will be showcasing the company’s LifeWear label. This spring Uniqlo will introduce its latest denim collection featuring Federer in TV commercials, in-store posters, online and other creative elements telling the story of enjoying his home life in his jeans.  Specifically, he will wear Uniqlo EZY jeans in the campaign, his personal favorite from the collection.

The men’s and women’s jeans collections each have six different styles in various colors. Depending on the model they are priced at $40-$50 and available at Uniqlo stores and You may never know what it’s like to walk a mile in the Federer’s shoes, but you can wear his pants.  

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