Racquet Preview: New frames from Tecnifibre

by: Jon Levey | August 01, 2019

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Tecnifibre has always prided itself on appealing to dedicated and discerning players. Although perhaps more well-known for its strings, the French brand has been gaining traction with its high-performance racquets. In celebration of its 40thanniversary, the company is releasing two frames targeted at serious competitors with serious game. Dubbed TF40 305 and TF40 315, the racquets have the specs that suit advanced players looking for a frame to express their talents.

The technologies embedded in the frames are all developed to enhance precision:

1) The geometry of the racquet with its re-engineered square section of the throat is designed for maximum stability.
2) The Dynacore braid inside the frame is a combination of polyester microfibers and aluminum to enhance the feel at contact. 
3) The extended grommets and enlarged bumpers where the main and cross strings overlap is to extend the sweetspot and promote easier re-stringing.
4) The design identity in collaboration with Lacoste gives the frame a premium look.

Both TF40 frames possess 98 square-inch heads, thin beams, head-light balance and a tight 18x20 string patterns. The only difference between the two is the 10 grams of weight. There is some pop for players with big swings and good mechanics, but these frames are primarily designed for feel and control.

Players who are looking for help in the power department will be more interested in the new TFlash CES (right). An update to the TFlash (P)ower (S)tab, this latest generation has a thick cross section with a cubic angular shape to increase power potential while providing good stability. The new HD-Fuse grip has a damping silicone sock inserted all around the handle for better shock dispersion and comfort. And the progressive string spacing is narrower at the center and wider toward the edges to be more forgiving on off-center hits. 

The TFlash CES has a standard 100 square-inch head and will be available at three different weights: 300g ($200), 285g ($190) and 275g ($190). 

Both the TF40 line ($210) and the TFlash CES will be available at retailers starting August 7.

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