Racquet Preview: Yonex VCORE Pro

by: Jon Levey | August 20, 2019

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In the Yonex family of racquets the VCORE Pro is the refined sibling. With its thin beam, solid feel, all-court versatility and modest power, it’s designed for shot-makers seeking complete command over their shots. That doesn’t mean the frame isn’t capable of producing pace, but as the company’s own tagline indicates—Crush With Control—it’s more of a precision instrument. And the new updates to the line are intended to sharpen its edges.

The previous VCORE Pro model has only been on the market for about a year. It’s unusual for the next generation to come out so quickly, but to Yonex’s credit they felt they had improvements that couldn’t wait. For one thing, the cosmetic has changed to a polished matte green with gold lettering. The throat area has also been altered to promote more torque for enhanced spin production. But what the company is most bullish about is the new vibration dampening mesh (VDM) wrapped around the graphite within the grip. The stretchy material filters out unwanted feedback—more than double the previous version—to bolster touch and control.

The other notable addition is a brand-new member of the family. Along with the usual 97s (310 and 330 grams) and 100 models (280 and 300 grams), there’s the even more refined 97 HD. Standing for High Density, it brings a different string pattern (18x20), weight (320 grams) and softer flex to the line for advanced players looking for the added feel and precision of a denser configuration. 

All of the VCORE Pro models are now available for pre-sale at retailers, and ships worldwide on August 23.

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