Tecnifibre releases new HDMX string

by: Jon Levey | September 05, 2019

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Hybrids have become popular string choices at all levels of the game. It’s essentially a way to try to combine the best properties of two different strings in one string bed. For instance, polyesters are popular for their control, spin and durability, but their inherent stiffness can be tough on the arm. Pairing one with a softer multifilament in the crosses can give the user some of the benefits of a poly in a softer package. Reversing the arrangement—a string bed will typically take on more of the characteristics of the mains—will result in more comfort and power, but with better control than with all multifilament string. 

However, hybrids aren’t always a perfect marriage. Like morning and evening people not meshing, sometimes the performance characteristics of one string loses potency when combined with a different string. Instead of getting the intended best of both worlds, the user is left with a string combination that is more of a compromise.  

Tecnifibre hopes to solve this problem with its new Hybrid 3D technology found in its HDMX string. Instead of combining two strings in one racquet, HDMX has the properties of a hybrid in one string. An update and refinement to the company’s previous HDX Tour, the string is a mix of three different materials: polyurethane material for comfort, polyamide for power and polyester for control. So you get a firmer feel, more control and durability than a typical multifilament, but better pop and forgiveness than most polyesters.

HDMX comes in a Floro color and is currently available in 15L, 16 and 17 gauges. Sets retail for $16 and reels for $250.

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