Adizero Climacool Feather II (Men)
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By Richard Pagliaro on May 03, 2013


Dr. Sharnoff's Ratings

Weartesters' Ratings
Stability 9.0 8.0
Cushioning 7.0 7.0
Arch Support 8.0 7.0
Flex Point 8.0 7.0
Weight 9.3 9.0
Ventilation 9.2 9.0
Break-in Time 9.0 8.7
Overall Satisfaction 8.5 8.0


The Adizero Feather II is a light shoe that does not feel flimsy. Climacool technology built into the shoe’s ventilated upper is a new addition that enhances the smooth ride and breathability. Adidas’ dual-density sprint frame construction is built to bolster heel support and prevent pronation. Weartesters loved the ultra-light weight—some said it felt like wearing a running shoe. “My feet felt very fast in these shoes,” one weartester said. The shoe’s next best assets after its feather weight are its low-to-the-ground ride and ventilation, which made it a pleasure playing in hot conditions. Flex point, cushioning and the absence of an outsole warranty (the Adidas Barricade does come with a six-month outsole warranty) were the relative knocks on the Feather II. If you place a premium on cushioned comfort, particularly on hard courts, then look elsewhere. Those looking for a very light-weight performance shoe that is low to the ground, however, will do well with this option.


Released on May 03, 2013

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    6 - 15.5
  • Weight:
    11.8 oz
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Short summary

    The men's adidas Adizero Climacool Feather 2.0 shoes are Tsonga's shoe of choice. These tennis shoes have a SPRINTSKIN™ upper for lightweight support and are built with ADITUFF™ in the toes. miCoach® ready.

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