Reviewed by Justin diFeliciantonio | April 20, 2013

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

The Pitch: Asics has designed three innovative game-improvement racquets specifically with senior players in mind. Like the Asics 109 and Asics 116, the Asics 125 is no wider than a conventional 118 square-inch frame; but its main strings are much longer—15.5 inches, to be exact, the maximum allowed by the International Tennis Federation. These elongated main strings, Asics claims, enlarge the sweetspot for supreme power and forgiveness.

How It Tested: Naturally, the Asics 125’s behemoth, racquetball-like shape drew quizzical looks from its first-time playtesters. But those looks soon turned from confusion into delight. Beginner playtesters found that their groundstrokes and returns had lots of extra oomph—the most some of them had ever experienced—particularly when blocking balls struck right at them. As one 3.5 playtester remarked, the Asics 125 "had very good ball velocity with a light feel.” What's more, playtesters were amazed with the 125’s exceptional reach—at the baseline but especially at the net. While it won’t be courting any players who hit topspin with near-modern strokes, the 125 should be a hit with traditional swingers who are looking to add the most power and depth possible to their games.

Bottom Line: Paramount power for beginners with slow, compact strokes.

Info & Specs

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Length:27.5 in

Head Size:125 sq in

Strung Weight:9.6 oz


Swing Weight:296

String Pattern:16 x 22

Flexibility:Extremely Stiff

Suitable NTRP:2.5 - 4

Beam Width:28mm