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Aero Storm Tour GT
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By Bill Gray and Bruce Levine on May 20, 2010

The most obvious change in this year’s Aero Storm Tour is a cosmetic switch from the red, black and white color combo to the bumblebee graphics of the AeroPro Drive. It’s a slick marketing move that will give the Aero family a consistent look for TV cameras, whether it’s the Storm Tour in Dinara Safina’s hands or the AeroPro Drive GT used by Rafael Nadal. But after this superficial likeness, the Aero Storm Tour and AeroPro Drive part company. The Storm Tour is a lot heavier and has a smaller head, making it better for volleys. But it also takes a lot more muscle to swing and generate pace on ground strokes. Stability is enhanced by Babolat’s GT technology, graphite and tungsten throughout the frame, with extra tungsten fibers inside the hoop at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, to prevent twisting on off-center hits. Babolat also makes a hybrid version of the Aero Storm Tour, the Aero Storm, for less accomplished players.

Bottom Line: Best for fit and furious all-courters with tournament-level skills.


Released on May 20, 2010

  • Price:
  • Length:
    27.0 in
  • Head size:
    98.0 sq in
  • Strung weight:
    11.9 oz
  • Strung balance:
    6 points head light
  • Swing weight:
    325.0 oz
  • String pattern:
    16 mains, 20 crosses
  • Flexibility:
  • Suitable NTRP:
    4.5 - 7
  • Beam width:
    21.5 mm / 21.5 mm / 21 mm

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    All-around players with variety, broad strokes and very good technique will take advantage of this racquet's precision. The Aero Storm Tour has been upgraded with GT technology, which strengthens the frame to reduce torque for greater precision. The corte


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