Y 112

Reviewed | December 07, 2009

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

For a few years Babolat has sold its game-improvement racquets (lightweight powerful frames) with its ergonomic Smart Grip. The handle curves out in two spots for a better fit in the hands of players who prefer to hold the racquet in the middle of the grip instead of close to the butt cap. It’s not for everybody—our playtesters have had mixed feelings about it in the past—so it’s nice that with the Y 112, the Smart Grip is optional (it’s shown here without). From a performance standpoint, the racquet has a huge sweet spot that provides ample power (if you prefer even more, the racquet also comes in a 118-square-inch model for $10 more). You don’t have to take much of a swing to hit the ball deep from the baseline. The one major drawback was a fair amount of vibration on off-center hits. Babolat recommends stringing the Y 112 with its VS Natural Gut to enhance playability and is offering a discount on the string at purchase.

Info & Specs

No manufacturer description available yet.

Length:27.5 in

Head Size:112 sq in

Strung Weight:9.5 oz

Balance:9/10 in. head heavy

Swing Weight:310


Suitable NTRP:2.5 - 4.5