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V-Pro Lady (W)
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By Richard Pagliaro and Dr. David G. Sharnoff on February 25, 2011

Likes: The Michelin-made outsole on Babolat’s newest women's shoe provides durability and resistance to abrasion. The V-Pro Lady is a cleanly-engineered, all-court shoe that's built lower to the ground than some of its competitors. This enhanced the feel wear testers felt when making quick cuts on court. It has a snug fit and is reasonably priced, providing good value at a lower price point than other major brands.
Dislikes: If you’re a larger woman, the shoe may feel a little light for you and may not provide as much comfort as necessary. The shoe was comfortable and stable for testers with pronated or supinated feet, but some wear testers with overly-pronated or flat feet reported discomfort. It lacks in variety, coming in just one color, and its largest size is 10.5.
Bottom Line: Like the men's V-Pro All Court, this shoe takes the opposite approach of the flagship Propulse line: It's lighter, lower to the ground and simplistic, eschewing Babolat's foot belt technology. It does include the Exact Pro technology, however, which is effective in enhancing that all-important first step. Overall, the shoe has a tendency for a snug fit and a very light feel, but is comfortable, with quick break-in time. Bigger, stronger players seeking a heavier shoe may want to try the Babolat Propulse Lady 3 instead.


Released on February 01, 2011

  • Price:
  • Gender:
  • Warranty:
    Six-month outsole limited durability guarantee
  • Size:
    5.5 - 10.5
  • Weight:
    11.46 oz
  • Dr. Sharnoff's rating:
  • Wear testers' rating:
  • Combined rating:

  • Foot types:
  • Colors:

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    The V-Pro Lady provides high performance technology with excellent comfort. Directly inspired by Babolat's Propulse shoe, the V-Pro Lady offers high end performance that's always a step ahead of the competition. It's a shoe that gets you closer to the cou


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