1000G I.C.E.

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

The huge head, head-heavy balance, and extra length deliver power, as expected. Seniors and players with abbreviated strokes will find that the stick adds pop to their ground strokes and volleys without costing them much control. But those who have arm problems might be put off by the fact that despite a vibration-dampening technology in the handle, the racquet is rather jarring on off-center hits. Beginners, meanwhile, will appreciate that the 1000g I.C.E. does much of the work for them, though they should be advised that it won’t encourage them to develop longer strokes. This frame was outstanding on serves, enabling players to hit with more spin and pace than they ordinarily could, thanks in particular to the extra length and big head. Maneuverability was fair, though not good enough for quick exchanges at net. If, on the other hand, you have time to prepare for your shots, the 1000g I.C.E. packs a punch.

Info & Specs

No manufacturer description available yet.

Length:27.5 in

Head Size:115 sq in

Strung Weight:9.9 oz

Balance:9/10 in. head heavy

Flexibility:Extremely Stiff

Suitable NTRP:2.5 - 4.5