Lunar Vapor Tour

Reviewed | November 17, 2010

Tags: shoe

Gear Review

The Vapor Tour has excellent cushioning for such a low-to-the-ground lightweight shoe. But while the upper’s slipper-like quality will keep blistering to a minimum, it’s too flexible to provide the support you’d expect from a beefier Nike shoe. Stability is adequate, thanks to strands of deceptively strong nylon fibers in the synthetic upper from the lacing holes to the midsole. The result is a shoe that’s better suited for the linear movements of a serve-and-volleyer, as opposed to the side-to-side shuffling of a baseliner. And because Nike kept the high-performance materials to a minimum, the shoe isn’t particularly durable—an aggressive player could break his or her budget in replacement pairs and would be best off preserving them for big matches while using a heftier shoe for practice.

Info & Specs

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Size6 - 15

Weight9 oz