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By TENNIS.com on May 21, 2010

The LS, or “Light Speed,” is a departure for Prince, best known for its NFS, “Natural Foot Shape,” line. This gameday shoe has a light, low-to-the-ground structure that enhances balance and reduces the chance of ankle rolls. But it sacrifices some of the brand’s usual comfort for more quickness. Its marquee feature, Propulsion Plate, a hard thermoplastic from the heel to the midfoot, is designed to direct energy forward and keep the user on his toes. That’s a lot to ask of a shoe, but our weartesters noticed more spring in their steps. There’s also a nice cosmetic touch: The men’s colors match two of Prince’s racquets—black, white and green for the EXO3 Graphite and yellow, black and silver for the EXO3 Rebel 95.


Released on May 21, 2010

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    6 - 11
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    8.0 oz
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