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By TENNIS.com on May 21, 2010

Hard-pounding players who flatten midsoles in a hurry should consider the Speed Pro. It’s basically a lighter version of last fall’s Radical Pro, with all the comfort features—sturdy polyurethane foam in the forefoot and midsole, shock absorption from heel to toe, torsional stability—but 1.6 ounces lighter. Head removed weight by replacing the leather in the upper with thermoplastic polyurethane (a rubber and plastic compound). We like the result: The Speed Pro has the Radical’s boot-like durability without all the weight. But TENNIS footwear adviser Dr. David G. Sharnoff cautions that the Speed Pro sits high off the ground, which could increase the risk of an ankle injury if you have pronated feet.


Released on May 21, 2010

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    5 - 11
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    8.5 oz
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