Tour Spin
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By on December 11, 2009

There aren’t many shoes as comfortable as the Tour Spin, which received the highest overall rating in this guide. The mostly mesh upper is breathable and makes it feel like you’re slipping on a sock. The light material keeps the weight down so you can motor around the court easily. DST Foam in the midsole provides cushioning, and the shoe has solid arch support, though some found the arches a little high. The only concern we have with the Tour Spin, with its soft upper and roomy toe box, is that it may not provide the lateral support needed by serious players on hard courts. But if you’re looking for something that’s comfortable, light on your feet, and as ventilated as tennis shoes come, this one’s for you.


Released on December 11, 2009

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    5 - 12
  • Weight:
    9.0 oz
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