Power Cushion 307L
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By on May 24, 2010

The 307 is pricey and limited to hardcourt play (there is also a clay version with an all-herringbone outsole), but it’s good medicine for players with soreness in the bottoms of their feet who still want the maneuverability of a light weight shoe. The protective extra padding is throughout the shoe in the heel, forefoot and midsole. The EVA material in the midsole—Yonex calls it “ToughBrid”—is comfortable but firm enough to stand up to hard pounding over time. Men weartesters liked the fit, but women (who generally have narrower heels) universally complained that the 307 is too loose in the heel. We suspect the shoe is built on a men’s last and has been merely downsized for the women’s (L) version. Its low-to-the-ground stance for rollover protection somewhat compensates for the flimsy upper that has a Play-Doh pliability, but guys with ankle or knee issues—and women in general—should look elsewhere.


Released on May 24, 2010

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    5.5 - 10.5
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    9.0 oz
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