EXO3 Graphite (Mid)

Reviewed | December 07, 2009

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

Besides the addition of O Ports, large grommetless string holes to reduce wind drag and provide more forgiveness, the updated Graphite is constructed with the new Energy Channel. The feature redistributes weight toward the outer edges of the hoop with a groove running inside the frame’s head (like a permanent piece of lead tape). The design is meant to increase stability so that less energy is lost at contact and more is transferred into the shot. As you would expect from a Graphite, this version is still low on power, but high on control and feel. Creating spin wasn’t difficult on serves, and you could direct them anywhere in the box. The mid-plus was viewed as more playable, but it doesn’t have the same level of stability as the heavier midsize. The Graphite also is available with grommets that can be placed in the O Ports to give the frame a more traditional, crisp response.

Info & Specs

No manufacturer description available yet.

Length:27 in

Head Size:93 sq in

Strung Weight:12 oz

Balance:1/10 in. head light

Swing Weight:330


Suitable NTRP:4.5 - 7