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By on December 07, 2009

Played by Guillermo Coria, the O3 Tour has large, grommet-less string holes, dubbed O-Ports, in the head that create a forgiving string bed with a larger-than-average sweet spot. But the racquet’s best quality is its phenomenal maneuverability, thanks to the head-light balance and the O-Ports, which improve the frame’s aerodynamics. You’ll appreciate the ease of handling at the baseline, where you can whip the racquet through the contact point to generate heavy topspin and sharp angles. Indeed, net-chargers won’t stand a chance against you. Some playtesters said that the O3 Tour was actually too head light, costing them power—particularly on the serve—but that’s nothing a few grams of lead tape won’t fix. And while the racquet lacks the precise control that serve-and-volleyers demand, it won’t slow you down when you’re trying to react to hard-hit passing shots.


Released on December 07, 2009

  • Price:
  • Length:
    27.0 in
  • Head size:
    100.0 sq in
  • Strung weight:
    11.5 oz
  • Strung balance:
    9/10 in. head light
  • Swing weight:
  • String pattern:
  • Flexibility:
  • Suitable NTRP:
    4.5 - 7
  • Beam width:

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Short summary

    You were intrigued by the O3 Red and O3 Silver racquets that came out earlier this year but disappointed that they weren’t for advanced players. Here’s your version.

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