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By Richard Pagliaro and Dr. David G. Sharnoff on April 14, 2011

Likes: Its versatility. The T-22 performs well for all three foot types, comes in both white and black cosmetics and, at select dealers, offers a wide variety of additional team color palettes. The high-abrasion outsole provides endurance and traction. The T-22 is one of the most durable shoes we’ve tested this season.

Dislikes: While the shoe provided a bit of a stiff ride for some wear testers, women universally praised the T-22’s comfortable fit. (The rounded toe box and narrower heel conforms comfortably to the natural shape of women’s feet.)

Bottom Line: Prince’s popular design continues to attract new players and devotees, who made the T-22 the top-selling shoe in tennis specialty shops in 2010, according to the TIA/Sports Marketing Surveys. This is a well-built, durable shoe that delivers good value and versatility year after year.


Released on January 01, 2011

  • Price:
  • Gender:
  • Warranty:
    Six-month outsole limited durability guarantee
  • Size:
    6 - 11
  • Weight:
    12.2 oz
  • Dr. Sharnoff's rating:
  • Wear testers' rating:
  • Combined rating:

  • Foot types:
  • Colors:
    White/Turquoise; White/Silver; Black/Black

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    The T-22 offers improved ventilation while still providing the durability and support that are expected with the T Series.

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