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  • Power Bridge 8

    A power-oriented frame for aggressive all-courters who like to hit with lots of pace and topspin.

  • Tour 10 Mid-plus V-Engine

    You demoed the advanced player’s Völkl Tour 10 Mid V-Engine that came out earlier this year and loved the control, but you had tro...

  • [K] Blade 98

    The [K] Blade is designed for or aggressive all-court players looking for flexible, control-oriented frames.

  • [K] Five 108

    The most control-oriented game-improvement racquet in Wilson’s [K] Factor line, it’s designed for intermediate players looking for...

  • [K] Four 112

    The [K] Four 112 is an oversize racquet that doesn’t forfeit playability and control.

  • [K] Pro Team.FX

    The Pro Team.FX is a highly maneuverable racquet which offers intermediate players plenty of power and control.

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