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  • C 10 Pro

    A classic advanced player’s frame with a blend of balance, feel, and control offered in a sleek new design.

  • Catapult 2 Gen II

    The first generation Catapult 2 has a spring mounted on each side of the frame’s head that compresses when the ball hits the strin...

  • Catapult V-Engine

    You’ve got a fairly long and fast stroke, confidence in most of your shots, and a desire to get better. This Völkl racquet, which ...

  • DNX 1 w/ Power Arm

    A unique, separate T-shaped piece in the throat of the racquet moves with the strings to provide added power and comfort for begin...

  • DNX 3

    This game-improvement Völkl is like the Escalade of racquets: It’s big and powerful, with plenty of bells and whistles to make pla...

  • DNX 6 Attiva

    For the aggressive woman player who wants an ergonomically designed grip in a balanced mid-plus frame.

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