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  • Power Bridge 4

    “Could be really aggressive with serves”; “Felt comfortable at the baseline and the net”; “Didn’t feel like the racquet could hand...

  • Power Bridge 6 Attiva

    “This racquet makes you want to attack every shot”; “Ideal for the doubles specialist”; “Very stable for such a light frame.”

  • Power Bridge V1 Midplus

    “Overall, may be the perfect racquet”; “Felt like butter on impact”; “I got at least 25 percent more velocity than my usual thin-b...

  • Power Bridge 8

    A power-oriented frame for aggressive all-courters who like to hit with lots of pace and topspin.

  • Tour 10 Mid-plus V-Engine

    You demoed the advanced player’s Völkl Tour 10 Mid V-Engine that came out earlier this year and loved the control, but you had tro...

  • [K] Blade 98

    The [K] Blade is designed for or aggressive all-court players looking for flexible, control-oriented frames.

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