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  • DNX 6 Attiva

    For the aggressive woman player who wants an ergonomically designed grip in a balanced mid-plus frame.

  • DNX 8

    You could call this Völkl a “tweener” frame because it’s suited for players in between the intermediate and advanced levels.

  • DNX 9

    A Völkl racquet geared toward intermediate to advanced players with long, fast swings.

  • DNX V1 (Oversize)

    If you’re a strong junior who wants a medium-weight, highly maneuverable racquet, take a look at Völkl’s latest frame.

  • Power Bridge 10

    A flexible frame for higHLy skilled players who demand precise control and excellent feel.

  • Power Bridge 4

    “Could be really aggressive with serves”; “Felt comfortable at the baseline and the net”; “Didn’t feel like the racquet could hand...

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