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  • nBlade (Oversize)

    This Wilson is geared toward those who want a flexible frame that’s on the lighter side of an advanced-player’s racquet.

  • nPro

    Racquet names can be tricky. Sometimes, with words like “tour” they suggest that they’re for advanced players when really they’re ...

  • nPro Open 100

    An all-court racquet for aggressive players who like to put plenty of pace and spin on their shots.

  • nPro Surge X

    Wilson has filled the microscopic spaces between the woven graphite fibers with silicon dioxide crystals. The process, called nCod...

  • nSix-One 95

    Roger Federer makes his competition look bush-league with the Wilson nSix-One Tour. For the rest of us, there’s this slightly more...

  • nSix-Two (Mid-plus)

    If there’s one area where Wilson is a bit thin, it’s in the mid-10-ounce weight range. This new model, which is a good all-around ...

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