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  • M Pro No 1

    Think of this advanced-player’s model as magnet therapy for your racquet. When you hit a ball, both sides of a racquet head slight...

  • Pro I X-Lite

    A transition frame for competitive juniors or older adults that want an advanced player’s frame that’s extremely light in weight.

  • Pro No. 1 Impact FT

    You’re a scrappy player whose game is based not so much on putting the ball away as it is on getting it back. Naturally, you covet...

  • Pro Tour FT

    Karolina Sprem of Croatia upset Venus Williams at this year’s Wimbledon with a little help from this Pacific racquet, which is on ...

  • Progressor NT

    Accomplished players looking for more power than a traditional tournament-level frame will like this racquet.

  • Twin TEC 1250 FTI

    Hitting the sweet spot can be a challenge, and when you miss it, the racquet often twists in your hands, causing an unforced error...

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