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  • Pure Storm Limited

    For players who can create their own power and are looking for maximum control and more feel at net.

  • VS NCT Power

    It’s common for game-improvement racquets to have a lot of weight in the head in order to add power to short strokes. The trade-of...

  • VS NCT Tour

    Despite the word “tour” in the name, this racquet is too light and powerful for professionals, or even most advanced players. But ...

  • Y 112

    “Plenty of power to be had”; “Ball really spun off the bed”; “Great around the net”; “Have to use a dampener.”

  • 1000G I.C.E.

    Dunlop’s first “G,” or graphite racquet, was the Max 200G in 1983. Twenty-one years later, Dunlop has introduced the most powerful...

  • 300 M-Fil

    For most of us, pulling out an advanced-player’s racquet from the gear bag means trouble. The control is there, but the stick’s to...

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