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TENNIS.com Review
By TENNIS.com on December 07, 2009

When you take a healthy cut on serves and ground strokes and hit the ball in the sweet spot of the Völkl Powerbridge 10, it feels great. But when you don’t, it won’t help you much. You need serious game to make this racquet work for you, and some of our more advanced playtesters really took to it. Völkl put DNX, a very strong carbon fiber, in the bridge of the frame (at 6 o’clock on the head) for increased stability and power. That, along with the hefty weight, gave the racquet stability. The head-light balance makes it maneuverable and the flexibility provides nice feel, especially at net. One 4.5 baseliner said, “The racquet just seemed perfect for tough volleys. I really hit some incredible angles.” Others referred to the Powerbridge 10 as being “rock solid” at net and providing “good punch.” The only real quibble came from a few testers who felt that it buzzed a little too much at contact and could use a vibration dampener.


Released on December 07, 2009

  • Price:
  • Length:
    27.0 in
  • Head size:
    98.0 sq in
  • Strung weight:
    12.0 oz
  • Strung balance:
    1 1/10 in. head light
  • Swing weight:
  • String pattern:
  • Flexibility:
  • Suitable NTRP:
    4.5 - 7
  • Beam width:

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    A flexible frame for higHLy skilled players who demand precise control and excellent feel.

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