Volkl V-Sense 10 325g

Reviewed by Jon Levey | December 07, 2016

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

Those players lamenting the scarcity of 12 oz. frames on the market—admittedly an increasingly small demographic—can always find solace in the Volkl 10 line. After decades on the market and numerous incarnations, it remains a dependable choice for control-oriented performance in an advanced player’s spec. The new V-Sense 10 (325g) does a fine job of upholding that tradition.

It starts at the baseline where the frame is tempered, precise and versatile. The mass comes in handy when driving hard shots, or simply blocking back opponent’s pace or big serve to stay neutral in a point. The head-light balance fosters terrific maneuverability—the frame plays lighter than its weight—making for fast, whippy swings through the hitting zone. This helps with spin production, which can be generated at a healthy level. I also found the thin beam, good feel and reliable control created opportunities to work the ball around the court with angles and slices. 

The noticeable drawback I discovered was the racquet could use just a little more punch to finish points easily. I encountered a few occasions when attacking ground strokes off mid-court balls didn’t have the impact I typically find from similar swings. Along those lines, the frame produced some harsher than expected feedback—especially given its flex—outside its sweet spot. I think both limitations—along with any stability issues—could be resolved with additional weight and dialing in string and tension (the demo had Volkl Cyclone Tour @52 lbs). 

Serving produced a similar experience. The quick-swinging capability and access to spin offered opportunities to go big, or bend the ball. Those accustomed to thicker, mid-weight “tweener” frames that offer some extra help in the power department could be left unimpressed. The V-Sense 10 seems best-suited for players with solid deliveries who don’t need much help imposing with their serves, or those who simply want to start the point on neutral terms.

The frame’s easy handling and more traditional feel proved worthy assets on volleys. Here again, the racquet has a Swiss Army knife quality of being capable of sticking forceful put-aways, digging out a tricky half-volley, or producing a delicate angle. The frame felt solid on most exchanges, but the off-center flutter did show up on hard-hit passing shots. 

All in all, the V-Sense is another strong update to the venerable Volkl 10 family. As with its predecessors, it takes a healthy swing and smooth technique to make the racquet excel. Other frames let you get away with a little sloppiness, but this one isn’t fond of cheaters. The frame has a comfortably crisp feel—it doesn’t have quite the plush response of the company’s classic C10 Pro——but it’s still more forgiving than nearly all of its contemporaries. Players looking for a more traditional feeling frame with all-court control and precision would be wise to give this one a try.

Info & Specs

A very precise racquet with remarkable control. Very spin friendly and overall extremely comfortable.

Length:27 in

Head Size:98 sq in

Strung Weight:12 oz

Balance:7 pts. HL

Swing Weight:322

String Pattern:16x19


Suitable NTRP:4.5+

Beam Width:20 mm / 21 mm / 20 mm