Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Reviewed by Tim Newcomb | June 13, 2017

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  • Strong traction


  • Too wide



Gear Review

This review is taken from the Best in Shoe: 2017, which appears in the May/June issue of Tennis Magazine. 

Hovering between lightweight and medium weight, the Rush Pro 2.5 received high marks across the board. The weight of the shoe was evenly distributed and the inner bootie made for a nice fit. While this shoe runs big, and maybe too wide for some, cushioning was paired with comfort on the reinforced upper mesh to provide both flexibility and breathability. The tongue and collar had a nice feel, and its sturdy construction offered ample stability and support, as long as you can get the fit tight enough. Having a low-to-the-ground feel offered a nice mix of security without an overly bulky construction, and reviewers praised the shoe’s traction—the outsole even wraps up the sidewall for an extra layer of prevention against ankle rolling. The Rush 2.5’s fit and wear improves over time, increasing the flexibility. In short, Wilson offers a solid sneaker with a variety of positive attributes—including the aesthetics, which offer a sleek, modern alternative—to a degree that one reviewer called it “one of the top shoes in the bunch.”

Tim Newcomb covers sneakers for Tennis Magazine and tennis.com. Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb. 

Info & Specs

Featuring new Sensifeel technology, the Rush Pro 2.5 becomes more comfortable than before without compromising the stability that creates explosive speed. And with clean lines and matte finishes, the Rush Pro 2.5 brings a more mature design to the courts in '17.



Size5.5-10, 11

Weight11.8 oz