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EZONE Xi 107
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By Justin diFeliciantonio on April 13, 2012

The Pitch: Like the 98 and 100, the YONEX EZONE Xi 107 is constructed with an Extra ISOMETRIC design to reduce frame vibration, expand the sweetspot, and increase maneuverability. Meanwhile, Oval Pressed Shaft manufacturing technology, or O.P.S., is supposed to increase dwell time on the string bed for more spin and control.  

How It Tested: The EZONE Xi 107 is a thick-beamed stick designed for players—doubles specialists in particular—who’ve played the game a long time but still don’t have all the on-court power they need; its oversized head offers extra real estate to find the large grapefruit-sized sweetspot. While exhibiting average maneuverability at net, the EZONE 107 “had a reassuring feel on volleys,” said one 3.5 playtester, “and over time along the baseline, I developed a comfortable rhythm. I came away from each point thinking it helped me out in some way.” The catch, of course, is that with all that oomph some precision and feel is lost. “I couldn’t place lobs,” said the same 3.5 playtester. “The racquet has deceiving power.”
Bottom Line: Older beginner and intermediate players should wield this racquet confidently.


Released on April 13, 2012

  • Price:
  • Length:
    27.0 in
  • Head size:
    107.0 sq in
  • Strung weight:
    10.5 oz
  • Strung balance:
    1 pt. HL
  • Swing weight:
    307.0 oz
  • String pattern:
    16 x 18
  • Flexibility:
  • Suitable NTRP:
    2.5 - 4.5
  • Beam width:

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    Today's tennis game is constantly evolving. As players adapt to this ever changing game - so should their equipment. The new EZONE Xi series of racquets are loaded with the latest and greatest in cutting edge technologies to power your game to the next le


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