Yonex VCORE SV 100+

by Jon Levey | April 07, 2017

Tags: racquet



  • Power

  • Spin

  • Crisp, clean response


  • Extra length takes adjustment

  • Can get wild



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Gear Review

This review is taken from the 2017 Racquet Guide which appears in the March/April issue of Tennis Magazine.

How it tested: The “SV” in the frame’s name stands for Spin Vortex, but it was the power reservoir of this mid-plus that wowed reviewers. The racquet owns a very manageable static weight, but the extra half-inch in length beefs up the swingweight, which gave strokes substance and serious plow through. It’s fairly stiff, yet contact was clean, crisp and comfortable—even with a full poly string set-up, the ball pocketed well and shot off the racquet face. The Aero Fin grooves on the frame’s head seemed to fulfill their promise of enhanced swing speed, as it was practically child’s play to rip ground strokes, punch away volleys and crank monster serves. The seductive power was a game-saver for one tester: “Twice I managed to get into love-40 holes, then came back to win the game—once winning five points in a row all off of heavy first serves.” However, for some the SV 100+ needed to come with a warning: enjoy responsibly. “It’s like drinking a good tequila,” caused one tester, “easy to get a little out of control. While a blast to swing, sometimes that swing results in a ball blasting the back curtain.”

Info & Specs

For all-around offensive players looking to maximize their fast swings to fire high trajectory spin shots.

Length:27.5 in

Head Size:100 sq in

Strung Weight:11.2 oz

Balance:3 pts. HL

Swing Weight:332

String Pattern:16x19


Suitable NTRP:3.0-5.0

Beam Width:25 mm / 25 mm / 22 mm