Power Cushion Durable (Unisex)

Reviewed by Richard Pagliaro | May 07, 2013

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Gear Review


Dr. Sharnoff's Ratings

Weartesters' Ratings
Stability 9.0 9.0
Cushioning 8.0 9.0
Arch Support 7.0 9.0
Flex Point 9.0 9.0
Weight 9.0 9.0
Ventilation 7.0 8.7
Break-in Time 8.0 9.0
Overall Satisfaction 8.0 9.0


The Durable was a delight for weartesters, drawing rave reviews in six of seven categories. “This shoe is light,” one weartester said. “It breaks in quickly and performed well immediately.” The endurance rubber herringbone outsole has deeper channels in its treads, a design Yonex claims “provides better contact with the ground and increases durability by 20 percent.” Traction and stability were strong on both clay and hard courts. The brand’s “round sole” design is built to aid maneuverability by eliminating sharp edges on the outsole that can sometimes cause players to roll their ankles when changing direction abruptly. The only minor quibble weartesters noted was ventilation: Some said that after extended play their feet began to overheat and advocated a lighter upper to enhance breathability. The lack of an outsole warranty for a shoe named "Durable" is curious. The Durable is nearly an ounce lighter, costs $10 less and scored a full point higher with weartesters than Yonex's new Power Cushion Light. It offers good value in a lighter-weight shoe and scored well in nearly every testing category.

Info & Specs

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Size4 - 13

Weight13.2 oz

Dr. Sharnoff's rating8

Wear testers' rating9