Yonex FushionRev 3

Reviewed by Jon Levey | April 30, 2019

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  • Lightweight

  • Responsive

  • Tailored fit


  • Snug through the midfoot 



Gear Review

It’s difficult to take the court wearing the Yonex FushionRev 3 without drawing some attention. First, regardless of whether you’re wearing the red or navy colorway, it has a bold, flashy look. Once that attracts eyeballs, the unique Flexion Upper is sure to warrant questions. The shoelaces are arranged in an asymmetrical pattern with curved eyelets that are unlike any of its competitors. But simply owning a distinct appearance doesn’t mean much if the shoe doesn’t deliver on court, and the FushionRev 3 does provide performance worth consideration.

The purpose of the off-center eyelets is to relieve pressure on top of the foot when the laces are cinched tight. It has existed in previous models, but it’s more pronounced in the update. Along with the inner bootie construction, it gave the shoe a sock-like, natural fit. It hugged the foot with a responsive squeeze, but it stopped short of feeling suffocated or restricted. The ultra-fine Double Russel Mesh composition was flexible and airy, and the Durable Skin covering over the forefoot provided some toughness and support. It was lightweight, but still felt tough and dependable. 

The shoe’s Toe Assist support gave it a unique feel. The forefoot is designed to allow the big toe room to spread out on contact for stability and court feel. But the shoe narrows around the midfoot to keep the heel steady and eliminate foot slide during lateral movement. It bolstered arch support, which was appreciated from someone with higher arches. But it also buttressed the other side of the foot more than any shoe I’ve recently tested. It actually felt awkward until the shoe softened a bit. The graphite sheet in the midsole to prevent twisting could also be the culprit. It was supportive, but the sensation took time to get acclimated and might be a deal-breaker for players with wide feet.

As is customary with Yonex shoes, Power Cushioning technology in the midsole provides the shock absorption on impact and energy return into the next stride. It also has Power Cushioning+ placed under the forefoot and heel for extra padding in these high impact zones. And it worked capably under most circumstances. The cushioning was firm at times, but not uncomfortable. Some aggressive landings on hard courts were more noticeable, but it did the job on most routine movement. Though I did wonder whether there’s enough substance there for movers requiring enhanced protection. They could be better-served by Yonex’s Eclipsion shoes.

The Endurance II outsole has Yonex’s Round Sole shape, which is intended to promote efficient cutting and energy transfer. The rounding at the heel is also supposed to promote smooth landings and transitions from heel to toe. There was a good balance of grip and give, and enough stability to feel plenty of confidence in my court coverage. There is a model with a more clay-court friendly outsole, which I think could make a lot of sense with the shoe. The low weight, quickness and second-skin responsiveness would be huge assets with the increased footwork demands, and the softer surface would mitigate any cushioning issues. 

Overall, the FushionRev 3 is a solid performance option for players who like a sleek, snug, lightweight shoe that has the just enough support to handle aggressive movement. The distinctiveness of the upper and the fit through the midfoot seem to narrow the audience to those with narrower feet, and probably make it a must try-on. It ultimately struck me as the type of shoe that will either be a big hit or miss, with little gray area in between. If it’s a match for your game, it could make quite the impression. 

Info & Specs

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Size6-12, 13

Weight11.1 oz