Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2

Reviewed by Jon Levey | June 26, 2018

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  • Supportive

  • Stable

  • Comfortable


  • Slight break-in period

  • Mid-foot shank can pinch



Gear Review

When you take the court with the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 in the orange and black colorway, there’s little chance your opponents won’t take notice. They may even offer a few choice comments. But more than just a bold, flashy look, this update to Yonex’s premiere shoe delivers plenty in the performance department as well. 

It takes a bit of time to get there, but once broken-in the Eclipsion 2 proved to be quite a comfortable shoe. The Guard Durable Skin upper was a little stiff to start and took a couple of sessions to loosen up. And when I cinched it tight there was some bubbling at the top of the laces that could be noticeable in the early goings. But again, once it broke in and softened that problem subsided. The toughness of the design added reinforcement and durability to high wear areas, while the ultra-fine, lightweight, exposed Double Russel mesh kept the shoe cool and breathable. 

From a fit standpoint, I found the cut slightly narrow. That suits my foot, but I could see players with wider feet, or thick/two-ply sock wearers feeling squeezed. I also found the length on the long side. Players often caught between two sizes may want to size down.

The cushioning of the shoe was a nice compromise between some of the heavier stability and support offerings, and the lightweight models that can sometimes leave your feet feeling unprotected. (My size 11.5 weighed in at a manageable 15.2 oz.). Yonex claims that when compared to the original Power Cushion, the addition of a special elastic resin and enhancements to the construction on improves shock absorption at contact by 25%, and 12% better energy transfer to track down the next shot. 

The midsole is also updated with the new Agilitybolt stability, engineered to offer top-notch support when covering the court. Indeed, I felt stable and assured transitioning in and out of cuts. However, while effective in keeping my footwork reliable, the lateral side felt unusually firm and stuck into my right foot—not so on my left. After about two court appearances the sensation became less problematic and worked just fine. Still, every time I wore the shoe, I did feel pressure in that same spot, and it was particularly noticeable after wearing a different tennis shoe in between. It was really the lone issue I had with the shoe that kept it from being exceptional.

The Endurance Rubber II outsole has a modified herringbone tread for all-court play and Yonex’s Round Sole design that encourages quick and smooth movement. At first glance, I deemed it best for hard courts, but I demoed it many times on clay and incurred zero issues in terms of slippage or inability to slide. Wear seemed fairly average, although there’s no outsole guarantee. Hard-court loyalists may not find the durability they need for the long haul, but will certainly be covered in the short term.

Overall, the Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 2 is a solid update and worthwhile choice in the high-performance category. It also shows that the racquet companies are continuing to improve and compete favorably with the traditional shoe brands. If you’ve balked at the idea of matching your shoe to your frame, or only trust sneaker-first brands, this Yonex could change your mind.

Info & Specs

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Size6-12, 13

Weight15.2 oz