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2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli announces return to WTA tour

She had been working as a commentator. 

Bartoli reveals she's gained a couple of pounds since entering clinic

During Wimbledon, she said that her increasingly thin appearance was due to a virus she had picked up. 

Bartoli: 'My life right now, it's an absolute nightmare'

She said she can only eat organic leaves and cucumbers without skin because her body rejects other food.  

Former Wimbledon champ Bartoli says she has virus that prevents her from eating

The 31-year-old was expected to participate in an exhibition doubles match, but she was forced to withdraw. 

Breaking the Mold: The risks and rewards of the two-handed forehand

The shot is a rarity in today's monotone game, but some players are still holding on with two hands.