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WATCH: Police officer orders Tomic, Troicki off practice court in D.C.

The clip shows the policeman approaching the two players, and then telling them to "get off the court."  

Tomic refutes tanking allegations, says it's all part of his strategy

The 23-year-old said that, on occasion, looking disinterested on court helps him win. 

Tomic on controversial match-point remark: 'Shouldn't have said that'

The 23-year-old Australian was criticized for sticking his racquet handle out on a match point in Madrid. 

Kyrgios comes to defense of embattled countryman Tomic

The elder Australian used his racquet handle on match point in Madrid and retired in eight minutes in Rome. 

Tomic retires after less than 10 minutes due to sickness

The retirement comes less than a week after the young Australian was widely criticized for giving up on match point.