10 Questions with Andy Roddick

by: TENNIS.com | June 20, 2009

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If not tennis, what would you be doing with your life?

“I would be a sixth-year college student [laughs]. No, seriously. Other people would be in medical school, but I would still be on General Studies. I guess I’d do anything where I’m not in an office. Maybe I’d be a trainer. Something in sports.”

You wouldn’t want to be a sports agent?

“No, I’m not shady enough.”

Who would play you in the Andy Roddick movie?

“Sean Penn is my favorite actor, but he’s not shallow enough to play me.”

Your biggest fear?
“I guess the fear of the unknown. Five years from now I could be on The Surreal Life with Lil' Jon.”

What is your favorite cuisine?

“Right now I’m into Indian food. I’ve really developed an eclectic taste in food from the traveling I’ve done. I started off liking Italian, then it was Mexican, and then sushi.”

Favorite movie? “The Shawshank Redemption for sure. But Wedding Crashers is really good. It’s working its way up my favorites list. I also like the Star Wars series. I got into that because of my brothers.”

What is your favorite non-tennis clothing label?

“Lucky Jeans. They’re cool because when you unzip them, it says LUCKY YOU inside the zipper.”

Where’s the best spot to take a vacation?

“I like Hawaii. That’s one of the few places I’ve gone for fun without having to play a tournament at the same time. I also like Rome because it’s so old. You walk around and see these things that are a thousand years old. That blows my mind.”

What’s your vice?

“Chewing my nails. They’re disgusting. I will never be able to quit. And I drink too much coffee. At first I was really into the sweet stuff with whipped cream. But now I’m into the harder stuff like really dark coffee and espresso.”

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
“Sending me underwear in an envelope. Luckily, my new address isn’t listed so my parents get a lot of my mail. It’s funny because my mom will open some of it and read it and say, ‘Not with my son, you won’t!’”
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