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Serena shops but doesn't drop; Federer takes to volleyball

Thursday, September 27, 2012 /by

First, let's retire all the fatigued "Game, Set, Match" headlines for the pieces on tennis players finding love or companionship. Yes, let's issue a moratorium on that. Moving on, Serena Williams hasn't slowed down in her public outings with coach turned rumored paramour Patrick Mouratoglou. The pair was spotted in Milan, Italy, with Serena (who just turned 31 on Wednesday) not quite buying out the bar but certainly doing her "damage" at hot spots like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

The "best" line here: "Even though Serena is muscular, strong and fit, her handsome companion insisted on carrying most of her packages." Mouratoglou looks and dresses the part of a gentleman, and Serena certainly has no qualms with that.

ROGER THAT World No. 1 Roger Federer just served notice to the world that he's got talent in yet another sport, that being volleyball. A mobile upload on Facebook (at right) had him decked out in a Brazilian yellow jersey, kneepads, and the rest. He certainly looks the part, and of course his attire has Nike "swooshes" affixed to it everywhere. That's our Fed: Always put together, and always on point. Now the keeper of the Spin, also an ardent volleyball fan, wonders just what his game consists of on that sort of court. Maybe someone should tell him that tweeners are a bit harder to come by in volleyball. Also difficult in that sport: not sweating.

Any guesses as to Federer's other set of volley skills?

—Jonathan Scott (@jonscott9)


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