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12 for '12

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 /by

It’s a seasonal ritual as predictable as inflatable Santas or late night showings of Miracle on 34th Street—the annual “best of/worst of” lists compiled by. . . well, pretty much by everyone, in and out of sports. In keeping with our own tradition here at, I’ll be making my own nominations in any number of relevant categories—12 in all, for 2012—for both the men and women.

We’ll start with some general awards and move on to the most resonant—and sometimes controversial—player awards. As most of you know, we’ve already announced our Player of the Year in both divisions of the game (Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams). We felt it was appropriate to make those selections as soon as the tennis year ended for each group of players. But while that is a done deal, I think you’ll find a few categories here that will keep you interested.  

There’s bound to be some disagreement about such exercises, especially when it comes to categories like “Most Improved Players” or “Best Tournaments.” But that’s okay, it ought to be part of the fun. As befits the season.—Pete

12 for '12: Year-End Awards

- Wednesday, November 28: Coaches of the Year
- Thursday, November 29: Doubles Performances of the Year
- Friday, November 30: Tournaments of the Year
- Saturday, December 1: Upsets of the Year
- Sunday, December 2: Quotes of the Year
- Monday, December 3: Feuds of the Year
- Tuesday, December 4: Newcomers of the Year
- Wednesday, December 5: Most Improved Players
- Thursday, December 6: Biggest Disappointments
- Friday, December 7: Comebacks of the Year
- Saturday, December 8: Runner-Ups of the Year
- Sunday, December 9: Stories of the Year

Player of the Year, Men: Novak Djokovic
Player of the Year, Women: Serena Williams


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